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Byfleet Library – Gig Report

We were invited to play at Byfleet library, the library had been run by volunteers for a year, and this was their anniversary event.

The idea was that we’d play outside the library as people came and went. It was a useful event for us, our first field test of all our kit that we’ve assembled. This wasn’t our first electrified gig, but it was the first with all our own stuff.

We had all sorts of difficulties, as at one point we had no sound at all, but fortunately the problem was fixed, and we played. The volume was a little low (higher power PA on the wishlist) – but after a break we adjusted things so our PA was at its limits, and it survived.

Getting ready to play at Byfleet

At one point, we were approached by Oliver, a lad in his mid teens who ran home to get his ukulele, and asked to join in – we were more than happy to oblige!

There were plenty of children who seemed to be enjoying our set, including some dancers in pink coats who took a ukeaholics card to stick on their fridge – and the nice man from the Surrey Ad came to take pictures.

At the end we’d gathered a small crowd (it’s always good to finish with more people than you had at the start) and we were asked if we’d be available for other events – to which the answer is "sure – if our diaries are clear"

We hope the good people of byfleet liked having us there, for us, it was a very useful event for ironing out wrinkles in our songs on the march toward international superstardom (ahem!)