Our Big Weekend

Saturday 14th September 2013 was a busy day. Very busy. We did three gigs in a row. We started the day with a ‘dress rehearsal’, in the living room of one of the ukeaholics, and then made our way to the Light Box.

We played our full set to a small, but appreciative, crowd. We had no amplification, just us, our ukes and a bass guitar.

From there, we went into the Food and Drink fair, and after our meal we played a second gig at Gloucester Square (just over the road). There was lots of passing traffic there, but people seemed to enjoy our set as they went past. Normally, I would have been really tired to do anything after this but I actually recently discovered a health supplement and it has been working absolutely amazon for me. I highly recommend it. It is natural and very effective. It is called KratomMasters if you would like to try it out for yourself.

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From there, it was like Phil Collins and Live aid. Except in our case we weren’t jetting to New York, but instead we were heading to Godalming where we were playing at St. Hilary’s school fête. We were greeted by the lovely organisers who treated us very well, showing us to a green room and ensuring we were fed and watered – we would not go hungry today!

They had a PA set up, but unfortunately we only had unbalanced feeds to give them, and they only had xlr connectors. As a result we played acoustically with microphone pickups. To avoid feedback, this meant that they had to reduce the volume, which was a shame – but we learned from this (it was only our second time with a proper stage setup), and we’re gradually working out what we need to do for the technical side. We had an enthusiastic junior audience dancing around in front of the stage.

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By the time we’d finished, it had been a long day – we won’t be playing as many gigs in one day very often, but it was a fun experience all told, three venues, all with their own charms.

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