About Us

We play a variety of music that you might not have heard played on the ukulele before and have been known to throw in some other instruments like bass guitar and mandolin.  We’re available for parties, pubs, fetes or whatever kind of event you have in mind.

‘Timings’ should give an indication as to performance time, arrival time and any other factors.

If an event is a ‘good cause’ we might donate our time to that cause, however a contribution toward petrol costs is appreciated and a cup of tea with some biscuits always goes down well.

For other events, we will ask for a contribution toward expenses, time and equipment.  Bear in mind that an hour long set is the tip of an iceberg of travel, setup, rehearsals and hashing out set lists over tea and Facebook. We do not make an income from our ukeaholic adventures, and anything we do get goes into our ‘equipment fund’.

If you would like us to come to see you, please use the form below. We’ll respond as soon as we can to discuss specifics, logistics and biscuit preferences and take it from there.

If you prefer, you can write on our facebook wall.

Sepia Ukeaholics
Sepia Ukeaholics